"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Chairman's Message

Building economic growth and diversification is a key development goal for most nations, including Oman, but it is challenging to do this in a way that is both profitable and without any negative impact. However, challenges aside, this ideal is not only achievable, but it is the most honest and responsible approach we can take for our world and therefore must be a priority for everyone. 

We started Birba in 2020 to enable smarter business in the energy sector and we soon discovered that without a collective, collaborative approach to building circular, sustainable economies, our world would not improve for the better. The interconnectivity of industries and communities is where we need to focus. 

At Birba, our primary goal is to facilitate economic progress that focuses on building a viable future for everyone, with a concentration on Oman and the GCC region. Innovative technologies have been developed to reverse climate change and reengineer global business models to produce a circular economy. What we need, is to accelerate the scaling of these technologies and create sustainable value markets. Through international collaboration, we can bridge the gaps between industries, markets and countries and showcase viable pathways to large-scale deployment. 

I believe Oman has the capacity to emerge as a hub for innovation and collaboration and set a standard for development solutions that serve our planet and people, without compromising our integrity or our profits. With Birba’s focus on events, media publications and intelligence, we aim to provide a valuable resource for knowledge transfer, job creation and commercial market opportunities that supports Oman’s Vision 2040 and realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

I hope that through Birba’s events and intelligence sharing we can encourage others to take action, foster creativity and innovation across industries, and propel the region towards a sustainable future. 

Thank you.

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